Billy Moffle coming soon!

January 13 is National Rubber Duck Day & who doesn’t love a rubber duck? We took the opportunity to share a picture of Billy Moffle in his bath, lining up his ducks. This is one of the illustrations from the forthcoming picture book, Billy Moffle’s Straight Lines.Here is a short excerpt from the story, which follows Billy’s move to live with new parents. Lining everything up is part of Billy’s efforts to cope with his experiences of neglect & witnessing domestic violence in his birth family.

‘Little Billy was confused. He thought to himself – when is this daddy going to get very angry? And when is this mummy going to leave me all alone? Perhaps they have not realised yet what a bad, little Moffle I am. Then Billy Moffle would scamper around even faster, lining up his teddies on his bed and lining up the acorns on his bedroom floor. If he just concentrated on keeping everything tidy and straight he thought, maybe he would not feel so frightened and worried.’

We are excited to let you know that Billy Moffle is going to the publishers this month & we hope to be able to give you a release date very soon.

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