The Books

Wow—I love the Moffles! Tiny and Fast, Fluffy and Quiet!  Adorable.  And I love how their fur changes colours depending upon their emotional experiences. I personally resonate with the whole mixture of colours in the fur of the old ones, the elders! There so easily might be a whole series of Moffle books that touch on the many experiences of life.

Dan Hughes PhD, Founder of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

Tippy Moffles Mirror

Moffles are tiny, fluffy creatures, who carry the colours of their emotions in their fur, for all the world to read like a storybook. Tippy Moffle is very young but already she has become so scared & hurt that she has learned to hide away all her feelings deep inside. So deeply, that her fur has become dull & grey. Can a new mummy & a new home help Tippy to feel safe & become a multicoloured Moffle again? 

It follows the child (or in this case, Moffle) on the whole journey from early abuse & neglect towards security & healing in a new home.  It empathically names the challenges faced by the birth mummy & how these influence her parenting. It aims to help children identify with the characters & find their own meaning in the story – to help them understand themselves better & see themselves differently. It also reminds carers & parents of why even difficult behaviour makes sense in the context of their child’s troubled past. Adopters who have read this story have reported to me how this has helped them to renew their levels of empathy for their child, renew their curiosity to understand their child’s inner life & given them hope to carry on, even when parenting is very hard.

Billy Moffle’s Straight Lines

“Little Billy was confused. He thought to himself – when is this daddy going to get very angry? And when is this mummy going to leave me all alone? Perhaps they have not realised yet what a bad, little Moffle I am. Then Billy Moffle would scamper around even faster, lining up his teddies on his bed and lining up the acorns on his bedroom floor. If he just concentrated on keeping everything tidy and straight he thought, maybe he would not feel so frightened and worried.”

Holly Moffle’s Fur

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If ever a sad or worried feeling started to ruffle her curls with shades of blue or grey, she would sing and twirl and brush herself yellow again.

Secretly, Holly Moffle hated her fur and she wondered if her new Moffle family hated it, too. Unless she brushed and crimped and curled, her fur was not curly at all. It was fine and soft and very, very…. straight.” 

Alfie Moffle’s Other World 

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“Although Alfie was small, he had such a big imagination, that soon he found a whole new world right inside his own curly head. He filled this world with lots of Moffle friends and other creatures, so that he would not feel so lonely anymore. What adventures they would have!”