Colouring Pictures

Here you can find lots of different coloured Moffles and some pictures for your children to colour.

Here is a Moffle Feelings Cube for you to cut out and colour. You can roll it like a dice & talk about the feeling that lands on top. When have you felt this feeling? Don’t want to talk about it? Then roll it again!

Here is a blank cube for you to draw your own Moffle feelings. Which feelings will you put on your cube today?

Here is a Moffle Feelings Wheel. What colours are your feelings today?

Here are some Moffle feelings cards for you & your child to cut out & colour. What colour are your feelings today? You can print off some small cards or the bigger pictures below.

Some of the feelings we have labelled and some we have left blank for you to talk about together. What feelings do they represent for you?

We will add a few more feelings cards every week, so come back for more!

Rainbow Moffle
We turned this Moffle into a Christmas tree decoration!
Tippy Moffle has different colours on different days.