Drop Fear

Children with relational trauma struggle to trust in new relationships with caregivers. Without a secure foundation of trust & belief that you are loved, it is hard to be open to relationships & so the world can seem a very frightening place. One of the biggest challenges in reparenting a traumatised child is to help them to feel safe again, or sometimes even to feel safe for the very first time.

Only when a child feels some physical & emotional safety might they take the risk of being vulnerable & drawing near to us. Only then might they risk allowing themselves to be touched by an emotional connection.  It is a daunting step for a child whose heart has been hurt in the past. When we care for them with PACE as a way of being – playfulness, acceptance, curiosity & empathy – we can help them to feel more secure & to drop their fear. We can help them to become more open to the happiness to be found in being cared for, & more confident that they deserve this love.

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