Tippy Moffle’s Mirror

Moffles are tiny, fluffy creatures, who carry the colours of their emotions in their fur, for all the world to read like a storybook. Tippy Moffle is very young but already she has become so scared & hurt that she has learned to hide away all her feelings deep inside. So deeply, that her fur has become dull & grey. Can a new mummy & a new home help Tippy to feel safe & become a multicoloured Moffle again? 

It follows the child (or in this case, Moffle) on the whole journey from early abuse & neglect towards security & healing in a new home.  It empathically names the challenges faced by the birth mummy & how these influence her parenting. It aims to help children identify with the characters & find their own meaning in the story – to help them understand themselves better & see themselves differently. It also reminds carers & parents of why even difficult behaviour makes sense in the context of their child’s troubled past. Adopters who have read this story have reported to me how this has helped them to renew their levels of empathy for their child, renew their curiosity to understand their child’s inner life & given them hope to carry on, even when parenting is very hard.


The story of Tippy Moffle is thoughtful & adorable. The mood of the birth mommy is conveyed acutely & the multi-coloured new Mommy Moffle is so warm and inviting.  I love how the need for the new mommy’s patience is shown in her golden streak.  So often over the years as I have spoken for children in therapy & helped them to talk with their parents and carers, the need for patience has been highlighted. And the mirror is a great metaphor for how Tippy’s sense of herself is transformed in her loving relationship with her new mommy.

Dan Hughes, PhD, Founder of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

This is a story of sadness, neglect, loss and finding a new home explored through the story of Tippy Moffle. The complex world of feelings is described in the changing colours of Tippy’s fur. The child who has had a difficult start in life will identify with the fear of being seen and the courage needed to allow a new parent to help you finally to look in the mirror to see who you have become. The Moffles are sure to enchant children of all ages. 

Kim S Golding, CBE, Clinical Psychologist and author

This is a wonderful book, beautifully written and as an adoptive parent I can’t recommend it highly enough. Both of my children said, ‘This is about me’ when we read it together.
Don’t hesitate – buy this book.

Steph Dixon

‘We both think it’s a lovely, lively story with a good pace and one that is sensitive and shows the right emotional range for a child in that situation. It perfectly captures the emotions a child with a traumatic life story might feel. Easy to read and gives lots of opportunities for discussion on an emotional level. The story makes discussing difficult and challenging feelings such as anger, confusion, loss easier as it gives a way in into discussing those feelings. We have enjoyed reading it immensely – I have read it a few times now!’

I.R., Mother

I think this book is great for children and it has good descriptions of the Moffle’s. It also teaches you that everyone has feelings and it is ok to show them. It is a good story to share with your family especially if you are adopted.

Lily (8 years old)

The book is a lovely, gentle way of exploring things like neglect and moving to a new home. I think it will be a good starting point for us to generate a lot of conversation around these issues. It also seemed to help eldest understand her emotions a bit more. Representing emotions with colours is a great way for kids to relate to how they’re feeling. Eldest asked whether she turned red when she got angry.

by Suzy Stanton at We Made a Wish

I really enjoyed reading them. I like the opening, very succinctly explaining the world of Moffles. I really like the way emotions are seen in their fur and can see why adults find the stories useful too. I was completely engrossed, and Moffles seem very loveable. 

Sarah Spanton, Community-led Planner (Director of Waymarking)

This is a charming tale suitable for all readers and listeners, but particularly valuable as an instructional story for looked-after or adopted children who will surely identify with Tippy Moffle. The idea of colours showing feelings and emotions would provide a great opening for discussion and could be transferred into home or school life.

Annie Judge, Teacher

A beautifully written and poignant book that deals with the often complex emotions of adoption; in a containing way that enable families to safely explore these emotions and feelings together.

by Jonathan Cave

Simply Brilliant!! This is a beautiful story, courageously told, in the classic narrative tradition of the Hero’s Journey.
As a registered therapist working with traumatised children and young people, I am always searching for meaningful resources, such as this, that reach out to children and help them heal.
Furthermore, it has shown me how powerful honest, carefully constructed, narrative can be.
After I finished it, I read it to my 12-year-old son who was immediately, emotionally, invested and it helped us have a difficult conversation about the lives of children in the care system.

This is obviously the start of a series of books, I will be buying the next episode!

by Guy Payne MBACP Accred

This is an absolutely gorgeous book. It looks at the difficult emotions that often come with adoption and being a new family. Lovely words, written well.

by Samantha Walker

The Moffles creates a wonderful world for children to enter. Magical pictures are painted of emotions being a meaningful and vibrant part of our lives. Tippy Moffle’s experience is relatable and can help children who have had a different or challenging start in life feel seen and heard. Additionally, it can help to build empathy and understanding in all children and adults. This is a valuable book and I look forward to hearing more about the Moffles and their lives.

by Dr Maxine Campion

This is a delightful book and will be a definite asset to parents and professionals alike supporting children with difficult early experiences. The lovely illustrations really grab the imagination, introducing us to Moffle characters and indirectly appealing to a child’s interest. The central theme of feelings being reflected in the colourful fur is an inspired way to normalise integration and the patchwork of life, so helpful to children who are heavily defended and scared of what feelings will do. The references to early trauma are touching, sensitively handled and clear, conveying the poignant image of a child trying hard to be loved and the obscuring dirt works really well as a metaphor for locked away feelings. The book very effectively depicts the (sometimes overlooked) struggle that traumatised children can have in adjusting to being seen/ known/ supported/ nurtured and allowing beliefs about self and others and relational patterns to shift. The importance of time and patience as healers is a helpful inclusion and the story ends with a touching affirmation and acceptance of multi-colouredness as Tippy Moffle starts to grow and develop her fuller self. A great read!

by Michael Reeves

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