World Book Day 2023

‘Your World’ is the theme of this year’s World Book Day. Every child needs to see themselves reflected in the books that they read.

For children whose early experiences have been very difficult and confusing, books can help them make sense of their lives & find their place in the world. Stories can create opportunities to safely explore thoughts & feelings. In books, children can learn that their own story matters & that they can explore it with the caring adults around them.  

Trauma is a great silencer & it creates shame. Let’s give our children more stories that break the silence. Kind stories that help our children to learn, grow & recover.

National Adoption Week

This National Adoption Week, we’re sending Moffle love to everyone whose life is touched by adoption. We celebrate the happiness brought to so many adoptive families, shout for better support for those living with relational trauma, and feel sadness for birth families who have experienced separation & loss.

As adults in the lives of an adopted child – parents, relatives, therapists, social workers & other professionals – we have a responsibility to help them understand their life story & support their sense of identity as it grows & develops. Answer their questions, honour their feelings & walk alongside them. As a community, give them a safe base where they can connect, reflect & continue to grow.