The power of Stories

Stories remind us that we are not alone. They create opportunities to explore, remember & forget, without fear. They give us hope to imagine different endings and better possible worlds.

  For children especially, the natural language for expressing feeling is through images & stories. It is so important to find ways to help our children articulate their stories & understand them.  We know that one of the indicators of good mental health is being able to hold a coherent narrative about your life – a joined up story that expresses the thoughts, feelings & motives of self & others in the story.

Emotional articulacy is not innate – it comes with practice & support. Together we can create stories based on multiple perspectives & touched by the hope that can come from support.

The Moffles books help traumatised children to identify & talk about their emotions & explore real issues in a safe way, through the colourful characters. Children often find it hard to name an emotion, so if we start by exploring feelings at a sensory level – thinking about them in terms of colour, shape, size – it can be a way into identifying emotions & then joining it up with thoughts & behaviour. The Moffles fur changes colours to reflect their emotions. Giving emotions colours & identifying where they are felt in the body is a simple, visual way to help children to understand these things. 

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