Ordinary acts of love & hope.

Your ordinary acts of love and hope point to the extraordinary promise that every human life is of inestimable value.

This quote from Desmond Tutu reminds us that though we are small, we can be mighty. It is so easy to forget that we can make a difference, but he reminds us of the power of kindness. Desmond Tutu understood that our humanity is experienced in caring relationships with others & that we can be better together.

When we try to hold PACE in our hearts & minds – playfulness, acceptance, curiosity & empathy – & adopt it as a way of being, we are actively reaching out to connect with others in a loving way. Even in the face of hostility or rejection we can choose to respond with PACE. Of course, we will not always achieve this, but ordinary acts of love involve acknowledging our mistakes or failures & then trying again. Keeping on trying, with compassion for ourselves as well as others. I like to think of this as persistent PACE-fulness. I really do believe it has the power to help us connect & change the world, one relationship at a time.

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