Christmas will always be.

Try if you can, to put aside the pressure to be the perfect family, celebrating the perfect Christmas. Not even Santa & his elves can help you create all of this!

The festive season brings challenges for all families & if you are living with children who have relational trauma, the challenges are even greater. Traumatised children need routine, predictability & regulation – so the ingredients of a ‘traditional’ Christmas – spontaneity, surprises, sensory overload & sugar – can lead to heightened anxiety for them & all those tricky behaviours that come with it.

This Christmas, give yourself permission to be imperfect. Reduce the stress on you & your wonderfully imperfect family & do what works for you. Create your own family Christmas rituals – which may look just like an ordinary day, if needs be – try to be kind & gentle to yourselves.

Remember your presence will long outlast your presents & Christmas will always be, as long as we stand heart to heart & hand in hand.

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