A Moffle Christmas Story

This Christmas Story was written in 2021 and we hope you enjoy it in 2022, whether for the first time or returning to it like an old favourite. The rhyming verse was inspired by Clement Clarke Moore’s, ‘The Night Before Christmas’, but this is a tale that acknowledges there can be anxiety & sadness for some children at Christmas, as well as joy. This story is dedicated to all the little Moffles who have mixed up feelings at Christmas & to the grown ups who love them.

Here is what Louise Michelle Bomber had to say about the story:

‘As an adoptive mum I know first hand how Christmas can be experienced ….a nervous, fearful anticipation of whether my little ones will be overlooked, forgotten or whether they too will experience the ‘magic’ that they have heard of. This beautiful offering gently holds those worries close. Mikenda again offers empathic insight into what some might not even notice ….thank-you’. 

Louise Michelle Bomber, Founding Director of TouchBase

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