Inclusion & Belonging

Diversity exists & differences should be acknowledged, accepted & celebrated.  As Maya Angelou said, ‘It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity, there is beauty & there is strength.’

Promoting equity does not mean treating everyone the same. Equity occurs when we actively work to provide support to people based on their specific needs. There is no one size of support that fits all. Real equity & inclusion means making access to resources & opportunities obtainable & fair. The support an individual is given needs to be at a level which helps them to achieve their full potential.

Belonging is the sense of acceptance & respect that is born out of active inclusion. A sense of belonging is fundamental to our sense of self-worth & to our physical & mental health. It’s a protective factor in managing stress & building resilience.

Embedded in the core values of DDP & its attitude of PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) is the belief that all people should be treated with dignity, compassion & respect. It’s an attitude of love. If we hold these beliefs & attitude, then inherent within them is a call to action – that call to actively promote inclusion & social justice. As Dr Cornel West so powerfully stated, ‘Justice is what love looks like in public’.

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