World Book Day 2022

On World Book Day, we’d like to thank everyone who has shown such lovely support for The Moffles. Thanks for all the feedback on how the stories, posts & resources have been enjoyed by children – & you! How they’ve touched the hearts & imaginations of care experienced children have been the most special stories of all.

Parents & carers have told us that the Moffles have helped renew their curiosity about their child’s inner life & given hope to carry on, even when parenting is very hard. Therapists have spoken of children expressing their thoughts & emotions more easily after reading Tippy Moffle’s Mirror. Tippy has been used by teachers in class discussions about fostering & adoption.

We hope the Moffles will continue to help you and your children explore their lives and celebrate their strengths. Picture books are a wonderful resource in creating new narratives together, acknowledging pain and sadness but also recognising joy and creating optimism for the future.

Here’s just one of the great reviews:

Tippy Moffle’s Mirror is a wonderful book, beautifully written and as an adoptive parent I can’t recommend it highly enough. Both of my children said, ‘This is about me’ when we read it together. Don’t hesitate – buy this book.

Steph Dixon – adoptive mum

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