When a child has been hurt early in life & experienced relational trauma, the impact on their heart, mind & body is huge. It permeates every aspect of their understanding of themselves & the world around them. Recovery takes time & patience. It requires persistent PACE-fulness from the adults who love them.

As a therapeutic parent, you walk alongside your child on their journey of healing & self-discovery. That willingness to be there, through the darkness & the difficult times, helping them to find new signs of safety & beauty in their lives, can be transformative. The journey together can also be hard, uncertain & painful. The process of change is rarely easy.

When the journey feels hard, may you have the love around you to sustain you & keep your trust in the process alive.  When you help your child to let go of their sense of self blame & self-loathing, co-creating with them a new sense of identity, you are participating in a wonderful metamorphosis. Your child learns to explore, see & understand themselves with new eyes, in connection with you.   

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