Play Therapy Week

Play therapy can help children explore & process their experiences, thoughts & feelings through their most natural medium of self-expression – play.

Theraplay is a dyadic child and family therapy that focuses on nurturing healthy child & caregiver relationships. It’s also being used in schools, often in ‘Sunshine Circles’, to support children with peer relationships.

Theraplay can be very helpful for children with developmental trauma, who often fear relationships, because of their difficult past experiences. They struggle to seek or accept comfort, or to rely on their care giver to provide a secure base, from which they can explore & learn. This profoundly influences their ability to play – an ability we consider to be innate, but one that can be compromised for traumatised children.

Celebrating all play therapists, helping our traumatised children towards more playful & caring interactions with their parents, carers & friends. Helping these children reconnect with playfulness, joy & nurture.

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