Improv Wisdom Part 4

Part 4 of Moffled Improv Wisdom. The maxims are a call to lightening up & living an unscripted life.

These are techniques used by generations of musicians & actors that Dan Hughes recognised could be equally helpful to therapists, parents, teachers & other professionals in their relationships & work with traumatised children.

The final maxim is a call to playfulness. Playfulness is about being light, confident, and engaged – looking for strengths and ways to be close & affectionate. Not a distraction technique, but a way to create positive interactions & feelings of acceptance & connectedness.

A child who has experienced relational trauma might respond to a light-hearted & relaxed attitude to showing affection, when more direct expressions may be resisted. Through playfulness, our child can experience joyful moments with us in a non-threatening way.

So look for ways to play, look for ways to enjoy the world & enjoy the ride.

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