Improv Wisdom Part 3

Part 3 of Moffled Improv Wisdom. The maxims are a call to lightening up & living an unscripted life.

These are techniques used by generations of musicians & actors that Dan Hughes recognised could be equally helpful to therapists, parents, teachers & other professionals in their relationships & work with traumatised children.

Gratitude, kindness & a willingness to try. All things that can be so easily lost when we work or live with trauma, in traumatised systems or families. Trauma increases our vigilance for danger & impacts on our ability to think creatively & flexibly. It reduces our capacity to stay open & engaged with each other & can lead to us becoming risk averse.

How often can an over focus on policies & procedures means we lose sight of the importance of teamwork & attuned relationships? When we prioritise relationships, make room for mistakes & cultivate empathy, a different kind of conversation opens. There is an invitation to take care of each other & wake up to the gifts before us. Gentle reminders of what can help to keep us healthy & whole. A call to work compassionately together, in all our beautiful imperfection.  

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