Improv Wisdom part 2

Here is part 2 of Moffled Improv Wisdom. The maxims are a call to lightening up & living an unscripted life.

These are techniques used by generations of musicians & actors that Dan Hughes recognised could be equally helpful to therapists, parents, teachers & other professionals in their relationships & work with traumatised children.

I like the call to celebrate the obvious & notice everything. It fits so well with the notion of approaching life with a ‘beginner’s mind’. Looking at the world with beginner’s eyes – as if we are seeing everything for the first time – can help us to be more curious & act less hastily. Being in attuned relationships relies on us being mindfully aware of what is happening moment by moment. It is the coordinated dance that can happen between us when we are paying close attention to what is in front of us. And attending to exactly what is in front of us is the true work.

Being alongside someone who is hurting, & not moving too quickly to reassure, or to try & fix the situation, is not easy. It’s staying with the uncomfortable for longer than is comfortable. It’s having faith that being with someone in their pain, with empathy & acceptance is enough. I like the improv invitation to embrace wobble. To know that there is no safe certainty or always getting it right in life. Insecurity is normal & close enough is perfect. Stay on course & know that healing & growth happens when we are connected. Trust in the process.

Creative Commons Licence
The Moffles by Mikenda Plant is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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