We’re spotlighting the amazing work done by Touchbase, advocating for the wellbeing & education of children & young people who have experienced relational trauma.

Over the past 2 ½ years, I have had the honour of working with the great team at Touchbase in my capacity as a DDP Consultant, providing clinical supervision for their therapists & teachers. I’m also very happy that The Moffles are proving to be a good resource for them & you can read some of their reviews here on our website.

Touchbase was founded by Louise Bomber, specialist teacher, consultant, trainer & a DDP practitioner. I first met Louise when we completed our level 1 Theraplay training together, many years ago. She has written extensively on working with relational trauma in education, creating a wealth of resources to inform the work of teachers, health care professionals & social workers. Her latest book, Working with Relational Trauma in Schools, co-authored with Kim Golding & Sian Phillips, looks at how educators can use DDP to help vulnerable pupils to thrive.

In our work together, I have learned much about Touchbase’s commitment to supporting recovery & growth for children & families & their skilled work with professional systems. They help teams to understand the impact of trauma better & to work together in relational, attachment focused ways.

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