Moffle Tops

We’ve made some Moffle Tops, using toilet roll tubes & coloured paper.  Having a range of different colours & drawing different expressions for your child to choose from can be a fun activity to use to explore thoughts & feelings as well. The Moffle Tops can be a simple visual aid for talking about these things in a safe & engaging way.

Children who have lived with neglect & trauma in their early lives have often missed out on good enough support to make sense of their thoughts & feelings; to learn the words for how they are feeling & to have the opportunity to talk about them. Emotional articulacy is not innate, it is a skill that needs to be practiced, within caring relationships.

Remember the most important thing is for your child to experience enjoying making the Moffle Tops with you & the talking about thoughts & feelings part might not last very long! Your relationship & connection with them is always the most important part of doing any art & crafts together.

The Moffle books help traumatised children to identify & talk about their feelings.  The Moffles’ fur changes colours to reflect their emotions & this is a simple visual aid to exploring them through the colourful characters.

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