The beginning of the school year can be a tricky time for lots of children who struggle with transitions & new routines. For children who have experienced many changes & losses in the past & who are living with developmental trauma, it can be particularly scary & difficult.

Parents, carers & teachers need to be prepared to weather the transition storms! Look after yourselves so that you have the resources to take care of & contain your little people. Self-care is a necessity, not a luxury & don’t be afraid to reach out to those around you who can help lighten the load.

When our own batteries are well charged, it’s so much easier to be PACE-ful with our child & help them manage their distress. To take time to connect with them; side-step control battles with playfulness; be curious about what’s going on behind the grumpy behaviour & create stories to help them understand themselves better.

There are lots of great, free resources available to help your vulnerable child – & you – manage transitions. A couple of our favourites are the transition guides & infographics available from Touchbase:  & from Beacon House

Our favourite picture book on the subject is Riley the Brave Makes it to School by Jessica Sinarski. You can read our review of Riley the Brave in Picture Books We Love, here on the Moffle website.

We wish all of you strength & love to get through the storms. Try to hold in mind that all things pass, & the storms will pass too. Hold on to the little rays of sunshine & sparkling moments along the way.

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