Moffle Hand Puppets

We have Moffled some hand puppets! We’ve labelled some emotions, given them colours & expressions & described a body sensation for each one.

Puppets can be great to use for exploring thoughts & feelings & creating stories together.  Making your own puppets means you can really personalise them –choose your own colours & shapes for emotions & write on them as many sensations or feelings as you like!

There’s a natural playfulness to picking up a puppet & using your hand & voice to magically bring it to life. Children often enjoy using puppets to talk about things, as they can help to externalise situations & create a safe distance between the child & any problem. The little characters can take ownership of the conversation & be used for playing out different scenarios & practising new behaviours or ways of being.  A lovely way to encourage problem solving & empathy, & an opportunity to create new meanings & understanding together.

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