My Two Forever Dads

My Two Forever Dads

Bryony Irving (2019)

This story follows a little girl & her 2 dads through the first 2000 great days of their adoption.  Her new parents are there to comfort her through the sadness of leaving old carers; healing hurts; dealing with tricky behaviour & celebrating successes. The rhyming text creates a playfulness & delight in the journey, highlighting the joys & challenges of family life & the beautiful rainbow of feelings that go with it. Here is wonderful affirmation that parenthood is indeed in the love, not in the blood.

This is just one in Bryony’s series celebrating LGBTQ+ adoption, each written for one of the many children she has worked with over the past 20 years. It’s a sobering thought that this time span is longer than LGBTQ+ adoption has been enshrined in UK law, which only came into force in 2005.

All children deserve to live in safe, secure & loving families and scientific research has consistently shown that LGBTQ+ parents are equally as able to provide this as heterosexual parents. What matters in adoption is not a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity, but their ability to open their heart and their home to a child who needs them.

Children & families need to see their lives reflected in the picture books we create for them & to feel validated & inspired. My Two Forever Dads & Bryony’s ‘Let’s Celebrate Adoption’ series is a valuable contribution to the growing visibility of LGBTQ+ adoption & the invitation to society to become a more inclusive, compassionate & diverse place.

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