Moffles Noughts and Crosses

Why not play Moffle’s emotions noughts & crosses?

You can find a range of Moffle emotions & feelings cards to use on the website, free to download, or get the pens out & create some Moffles of your own!

  1. Markers: Use the traditional O’s & X’s, or any other small markers of your choice (for example, Lego bricks, coloured paper counters, shells or pebbles)
  2. Each time you have a go & place your marker on a square, choose to talk about the feeling in the square; name a time you had that feeling, or act it out.
  3. You can add your own rules to make the game feel as safe & comfortable as your child needs.

For example, you might make some ‘pass’ cards, & let your child know that if they just want to place their marker & not explore the feeling, that’s fine. Or if they want to see or hear you talk about it first, that’s fine too. Your child might need lots of pass cards to start with & then see if they need less over time, or on different days.

Choose different feelings cards for different rounds – if there are feelings you know your child really finds difficult, you might want to limit those or not use them early on in the game.Remember the most important part of the game is for your child to experience enjoying playing it with you. Only keep it up as long as your child is engaged in it with you & having fun. For some little ones who struggle with feelings, this might not be for very long! Let them know that this is ok & you can play again if they want to another time. Your relationship & connection with them is always more important than the game.

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