Moffle Glitter Jars

Glitter jars (or bottles) are easy to make & can be a cute, visual aid to help children practice calming their minds & their bodies. They also can be a useful aid for taking ‘brain breaks’ for children that have trouble concentrating for long period of time & need short, frequent rests.

The idea is that they can shake the jar up & watch the glitter whirl around. Shaking the jar can provide a nice, physical release for any jumbly feelings or frustration. Then they can put the jar down & watch the glitter slowly settle to the bottom. As they watch the glitter sink, they can be encouraged to see how many deep breaths they can take before the contents of the jar become still again.

You can invite them to notice whether they feel any different after the glitter has settled & compare the glitter to swirling thoughts & feelings. Encourage them to notice whether their own thoughts & feelings are clearer once they have watched the glitter jar quietly, as they breathe. Let them know that all their thoughts & feelings are ok & we aren’t trying to get rid of them, just to notice them & manage them more easily. 

To make your Moffle glitter jar, you will need:

  • Container (jar or bottle) – any size you have available is ok.
  • Clear glue
  • Biodegradable glitter
  • Water
  • Food colouring (optional)
  • Duct tape or strong glue (to seal the lid)
  • Confetti, beads etc (optional)


  • Fill the jar (or bottle) about 3/4 way full of water & then top up with the glue – leave a little space at the top of the jar.
  • Stir in the glitter & any other small items (beads etc) that you want to add for interest.
  • The more glue you add, the longer it takes the glitter to sink, so you can experiment to find the right mix for you.
  • Add one drop of food colouring, if you want to brighten the water colour, & then glue or tape the lid on firmly to prevent any leaks when the jar is shaken.
  • You can paint, draw or use felt or coloured paper to add a face to the jar, if you want to. You can see we used felt to create some Moffle ears for our jars!

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