Tissue Box Moffle

The Moffles stories are all about helping children to explore feelings & thoughts & here’s an invitation to get creative & make a Tissue Box Moffle for storing them!

All it takes is an empty tissue box, some old card or pieces of felt or coloured paper, some colouring pens & some glue or sticky tape & scissors. We’ve used an old egg carton for the eyes. Let your imagination & whatever craft items you might have guide you – every Moffle will be unique!


  1. Start with an empty tissue box. You can make this work with any size box.
  2. You can decide if you want to cover or decorate the tissue box, using coloured paper, felt, or coloured pens or paint.
  3. Stick on any details you want (e.g. spots, sparkles, coloured feathers etc).
  4. You can use the coloured felt for Moffle ears, nose, whiskers & eyes – you might need to stick some card to the back of the felt to make the ears stand up, if you want to.  
  5. You can stick the felt eyes directly onto the box or use the cut-up egg carton to attach the felt to first.
  6. Use glue, blue tac or sticky tape to attach the different pieces.

Once you have your decorated box, your child can write down or draw their feelings or thoughts & feed them to the Moffle. If they don’t want to draw or write, they can cut out pictures from old magazines to post that represent their feelings, or find small objects, like feathers, shells or coloured stones.

Choose a quiet time together later to sit down & empty the box & chat about the contents & what they might mean – just as much or as little as your child wants to. It can be a lovely opportunity to support your child to reflect & process feelings & learn about their inner world.

Have fun!

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